Contract Killer


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The CIA killer tries to break up with a contract murder company by trying to lead a normal life. But when the "system" chases her and frames her husband, he sets off on the path of revenge that leads her back to the life she wanted to give up.

Contract Killer is a stunning film from 2011. In the Europe, it was one of the most popular movies in cinemas. Intelligent and funny conversations between actors make this movie so good. It is a movie that truly knows what it is and wastes not even a second in conveying what that is. The quintessence of Contract Killer are conversations that stand out from other elements. Basically the same concept as other Wei Tung movies, but for real, it is completely different. I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this movie streaming website.... Show more

Directors: Wei Tung
Release: 2011-09-29
Duration: 86 min
IMDb Rating: 4.5
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