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History of Dalser Ida, who in love in the future Italian fascist leaders, Benito Mussolini, supported him when he was unemployed at the beginning of 1910 and married, probably around 1914, the outbreak of the Second World War, the outbreak of the Second World War, the outbreak of the Second worldwar. He discovered again in the hospital during the war, discovered Rachele Guidi, who was married in 1915 Małusolini, and the daughter, who was born in 1910, lived together as Guidi and Mussolini. Historically, after his political attraction, Mussolini suppressed information about his first marriage and he (from a fascist event) pursued his first wife as well as the eldest son and committed them in asylum.... Show more

This is not a typical Biography-movie to sit out when it gets boring. I can recommend the film with a clear conscience to anyone who appreciates deep and thought-provoking cinema. Pictures and scenography were pampered in the smallest details. The film encourages reflection and, although it is not an outstanding work, it is certainly worth getting acquainted with it. The quintessence of this production are dialogues between great actors. It was an emotion explosion for me. I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this movie streaming website.... Show more

Release: 2009
Duration: 128 min
IMDb Rating: 6.9
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